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About Greetums

About Kat Caverly and NoEvil Productions

Let me tell you my story and how Greetums came to be. It's like a dream come true; a place where we celebrate Every Day! It is someone's birthday every day and it is always amazing to spread smiles and laughter. It's contagious! Greeting cards are all about expressing yourself, connecting with those who matter to you, and celebrating life's occasions. Now with ecards, greetings are taken to a new level. Complete with music, surround sound and full theatrical entertainment, Greetums brings the PARTY!

It is a blessed life that is devoted to the celebration of Life! And I am blessed. It all really came together professionally in late summer 1987. I spent the next 10 years perfecting the photocartoon and making greeting cards with them. First it was paper of course. I even sold postcards. Remember postcards? I was very big in postcards!

But then came the Internet and I was blown away. Who knew that in my lifetime a whole new medium would be born! The Internet made broadcast quality effects possible for me. And distribution? I wondered if I could finally get men to buy more into the whole concept of greeting cards! I started with which features my photocartoon ecards and expanded to include Funny Pictures Lady which showcases my funny street photography that I use on greeting cards too. But in 2003 I started with a small team producing animated ecards and in 2005 I founded NoEvil Productions with my husband Thomas Hudson Reeve and we expanded the team.

Together we have created over 1000 ecard designs, and hundreds of animated shorts and characters! One final note. Pun intended. Music and sounds are very important to Greetums. Our own music and voices and crazy sounds are what makes a Greetums a party!

The Greetums Lady

"You've Got My Personal Guarantee" KAT CAVERLY, the Greetums Lady

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